You need your furniture styled to compliment your home and at the same time function for your needs.

  1. What is the overall size of the piece?It should fit the space nicely.
  2. What’s going in it? Size it to fit the items.
  3. If it’s a big piece lets build it in sections so it will fit through the door and up the stairs.
  4. With your rough dimensions, come on in to the showroom and tell me more.
  5. I will sketch up a design and give you a price.
  6. If this looks good we’ll fine tune the details: color, sheen, hardware, mouldings, etc.
  7. Your happy, okay, 50% deposit and we’ll get started.
  8. About 8 weeks later its ready! Come in, check it out, pay the balance and set up delivery.
  9. Enjoy the piece for years to come.