Kitchen & Bath

John’s favorite room in the house is the kitchen, and how important it is too! No longer just a room from which food comes but now the heart of the home where family and friends gather. Design is crucial for function and flow and no two families live the same or have the same shaped space. Do not rush this process. You will be living with your choices for a long time. John’s decades of experience really come into play with this design process. A cook himself he understands the different needs of each individual and will patiently listen and discuss yours.


  1. Come by the showroom for a half an hour free consultation and see photographs of past projects, discuss yours and gather ideas.
  2. Next step is a home visit for a more in-depth discussion about layout, design details and to estiamte a cost. This visit costs $300, but will be credited back when you place the order.
  3. Following the meeting, if you decide to go ahead with English Country Design, a $3,000.00 design fee is due (less the $300) which covers up to 30 hours of consultation and design time working together (even visits to help select appliances if necesarry).
  4. Design is done and if are (i.e.) 12 hours design time left, then $1,200.00 is credited toward the cabinets.
  5. Once the design is approved, to start building your kitchen, contracts are signed with a 50% deposit.
  6. 12 weeks is an average delivery time and balance is payable upon completion.
  7. English Country Design offers the use of a first class delivery service and you simply pay them direct.
  8. Installation is done at an hourly rate and averages about 12% of the cabinet cost, or you may prefer to use your own contractor to do the install in which case we will offer any support he may need.
  9. Our goal is a happy customer and our testimonials support that. Come Check us out.
  10. Vanities in essence are like a baby kitchen, very similar concerns & issues but on a far smaller scale.
  11. No one dreams of an uninspired kitchen.