Wine Storage & Wine Cellars

“Built-ins”, a very loose term but generally covers furniture which will stay with the house when you move. The advantage of built-ins is the maximization of the available space because they can run wall to wall. This is opposed to a free standing piece of furniture which would be held off the wall each end and hence making the storage space less. Once again the array of available finishes are infinite. However, with built-ins, they are often painted to match existing house trim to give a clean, integrated look.

Modern technology never stops but English Country Design is keeping up. Every month John is faced with a new challenge: Location of sub woofers, size of speakers, remote– articulating TV arms, Pop-up TV brackets, panels to hide the screen or equipment, passive and fan assisted venting for the new age of electronics which put out more heat than ever.

John works closely with TV and sound engineers to make a smooth operating system which takes the stress out of your life.

Wine not only tastes good but can look good too! 6 to 6000 bottles nicely displayed looks fabulous. Whether incorporating a wine fridge in the kitchen, or a wine cave clad and racked in antique wood with plastered ceilings and climate control, come talk to John.