How green are we?


We’re green without even trying. Purely coincidentally we love the visual of reclaimed and recycled wood and finish shop really enjoys low-low VOC emissions of our water-based products. Good for us and wonderful for you and your family.

It is great we are all now making a difference and saving the planet. I have always been green. I not only practice green policies with my business but I preach about it too. I was an avid speaker back in the 90’s for the Recycle & Reuse conferences here in California!

Sustainable Lumber is from trees that were planted and grown to be harvested  this protects the natural old growth trees and rainforests.

Reclaimed Wood is salvaged timbers often from old buildings and is a very conscientious choice and gives a richer looking end product. John’s preference when ever possible.

Water Based Finishes are healthier for us, the atmosphere, and perhaps most importantly your home and family.

Whichever you select, together we are doing our bit to help save the planet.